Campaign Q and A
Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez
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A Christ centered, Bible-based, multi-ethnic, driven campaign led by Hispanic/Latino evangelicals for the purpose of protecting religious liberty in our generation and for generations to come.

Religious freedom is under unprecedented assault by forces within our cultural and political apparatus committed to moral relativism and to discriminating against Americans that embrace a Judeo Christian value system. As Christians, we want to change the world with the message of grace, truth, love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, righteousness and justice in the name of Jesus. Simply stated, we need to protect our God given right to share the truth and love of Jesus with a broken world.

The development of social media content for Facebook, Twitter and instagram, television programs focusing on religious liberty, and generational specific graphics, blogs and podcasts.

In addition, we will host 30 “Free to Preach” events across America engaging our chapters in an unprecedented effort to both raise awareness and prophetically call the Latino Christian community to action.

The mobilization element includes a call to action where we will ask Christians to make a commitment to pray and to vote for religious liberty protection and advancement.

In essence, we want Hispanic Christians to build a firewall again secular totalitarianism and moral relativism by protecting and defending religious liberty with truth and love in Jesus name.

The campaign will run from November 1, 2019 till November 1, 2020.

Nationwide with a special emphasis on Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, New York, and California.

The most prominent Hispanic/Latino evangelical pastors and leaders in partnership with;

  • William Jessup University
  • North Central University
  • Bayside Church
  • Church of the Highlands
  • Cornerstone Nashville
  • Christ Fellowship
  • Gateway Church
  • The Assemblies of God
  • The Church of God Cleveland Tennessee
  • The Foursquare Church International
  • Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Daystar Television